There are conditions where you have to downgrade your firmware in order to install a custom ROM, I Help you here :)

I am Showing you an Easy way to downgrade and upgrade the firmware..
this is less risky than KDZ updater.
Do as I say but at your own risk.

P500-v10E-baseband.7z(OLD BASEBAND)
P500-v20G-baseband.7z(NEW BASEBAND)

Step 1:
- Download P500-v10E-baseband.7z(OLD BASEBAND) or P500-v20G-baseband.7z(NEW BASEBAND)
- unzip it

Step 2:
- Browse to the folder where you unpacked the 7z and run LGMDP-v1.5.exe
- Click Download in menu
- Select Port
- Choose your phone, click Connect
- Click Image Folder button, browse to the directory where you unpacked this
- Click OK about 3 times on the warnings
- Do NOT mess with anything else. Leave everything else as is.
- Close the window
- Click Download button
- Let it do the job. It will backup your IMEI and MACs to .NV2 file, reboot your phone to emergency mode, flash recovery, reboot and restore the NV2 backup.

Do NOT interrupt it or disconnect your phone until it says "Download complete"! - Do NOT delete the NV2 backup!

Again, no matter what do NOT interrupt the process until the NV2 restore is complete. It will take some time after the first reboot. Even if your phone appears to be booting normally to the OS, do NOT interrupt the process and do NOT disconnect the USB cable until the NV2 is restored and phone rebooted once again and the utility says "Download complete"!

NV backup 

Hurray you have now changed your baseband  successfully if the GSM works!

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible if you brick your phone. Do it at your own risk!



30 May 2012 at 08:35

it says Emergency Mode . how to shift to normal

4 June 2012 at 02:58

@Muhammad Nauman Akram

it will automatically restart back and become normal... you just have to wait...

if it doesnt come back then assume you have drivers problem..

google and get all ur drivers installed properly

24 May 2013 at 21:34

hey i m not able to connect port of my phone , i m using rooted rom gingerDX . so please help me ..

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