void. #Forever

This ROM is based on CyanogenMod 7.

This is the finest rom I have used so for.


* CM7 core (compiled from CM sources + Mik's proprietary files and specific branches)
* FrancoKernel v17 BFS (pre-release v17 version, the released v17 is different, flash it!)
* Some tweaks @ CM7 source (ex: libsqlite patched and recompiled)
* Default settings changed @ CM7 source (overscroll, lense lksc, cclabel, cmbat)
* Build.prop tweaks / GPS tweaks / Browser tweaks / Patched hosts
* Strict Minfree Handler tweak / Auto-Zipalign tweak / ZRAM tweak
* Zeam launcher / GB keyboard / void. boot "inanimation" / Smartass Default

Quadrant Result


* read this whole post before doing anything, especially the important notes
* also check my blog for rooting and custom ROM if u are a newbie
* wipe (data,cache,dalvik)
* partition if needed (a2sd for later)
* copy files to sdcard
* flash void. #forever and reboot
* after booting, go back to recovery
* flash now void. #forever -addon (it will activate the market and theme) and reboot.
* Most Important Enjoy!

Important notes:

* If you don't reboot to recovery and flash the -addon, you will crash when trying to create a google account.
* After flashing the -addon, before the market appears on the applications drawer, you'll need to sign in on your google account.
* After flashing the -addon, do not sign in on your google account, press skip and add later or you may run into a "slide keyboard open" error
* You might get an error for google calendar sync but it will be gone as soon as you flash the calendar app.
* GSM works but during my beta-tests I didn't use one so ignore the screenshot.
* DarkTremors mod has some issues, try ungaze's data2sd or link2sd (info).
* For statusbar notifications icons issues, check this post.
* Last and not least, don't beg for applications, use the market or ask around.

Useful add-ons:
* Theme Chooser 
* Live Wallpapers 
* DSP Manager 

Known issues:
* void. specific: the powermenu glitches a bit with the lockscreen, just long-press power off button and it will be fine.
* Unusual Battery Drain (Sometimes). It should be Okay otherwise! 

Before you report a bug or some kind of malfunctioning, make sure to have:
* Rebooted
* Reflashed (with full wipe, and format /system)

Anything else, disregarding stupid questions post a comment.

If you wish to donate, donate to those who work their asses harder than me: franciscofranco (kernel), mik_os (cm port), andy (initial 2.3 port project), etc.

Void #Forever


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